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Introduction to ICQ

The Islamic Centre of Quebec, established in 1965 by virtue of an act (Bill 194) of the National Assembly of Quebec, is the first and foremost Islamic organization in Quebec.

Located in St-Laurent (Montreal) and serving a Muslim population of more than 75,000, the Centre is dedicated to meeting the spiritual, social and educational needs of Muslims in Quebec, and committed to promoting better understanding of Islam to non-Muslims.

The Centre provides the fast growing Muslim community with the following services:

  • Prayers and practice of Islam
  • Islamic education
  • Youth activities
  • Social services and activities
  • Welfare support and helping the needy
  • Performing Marriages
  • Administration of the Islamic Cemetery of Quebec
  • Publication of regular news letter and circulars
  • Defending and protecting Muslim rights in Quebec
  • Library and book store
  • Co-ordination of religious activities with Canada Correctional Services

For any religious question or Fatwa please send your questions to imam@icqmontreal.com

Awareness and Propagation of Islam

Islam is a religion for all times for the entire humanity. The message is its practice and application in all activities. It is not applied only in the places of worship or on certain days. In fact, it is to be practised and exercised throughout our life time in all we do or think. The universality of its concepts must be spread, explained and propagated. All Muslims are dutibound to propagate, exemplify and demonstrate the true spirit of Islam, leading to the development and growth of a healthy and happy society.

ICQ has been deeply involved in the promotion and propagation of Islamic concepts and their regular practice through different methods, among which are the frequent visits made to the neighbouring areas and the establishment of an Islamic educational Library. Special groups of Muslims tour and hold useful discussion on the doctrine of Islam and encourage other Muslims to participate in similar activities. An Islamic educational materials are available for those who wishes to use it to bring about an Islamic awareness.

It is important to state that the Islamic Centre of Quebec supports and participates in the activities of any organization that works towards an Islamic awareness and propagation.

The ICQ is regularly visited by various public organizations. Every year delegations are sent from the Public Service, Police Academy and other socio-political organizations to familiarize themselves with Islam. The Centre makes special arrangements to welcome the guests. The delegation is briefed and later treated to light refreshments.


In view of the importance and need of knowledge and its practice in the daily life, ICQ has made great efforts towards the learning of the holy Qur'an and its comprehensive understanding. Currently the program of instructions involves reading, memorizing and understanding the Holy Qur'an in accordance with the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The history of Islam and its rapid expansion, along with its application and acceptance in varied cultures and environments throughout the globe, are specially emphasized. The purpose is to instil and strengthen the Islamic identity in all environments.

In order to equip children with sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam, regular classes are held from Friday to Monday every week. Concurrently, classes are also held separately for teenage girls where knowledgeable Muslim ladies impart instructions in the light of the Holy Prophet's Sunnah (PBUH).

The essential aspects of the study and understanding of the Holy Qur'an are conducted by a highly qualified graduate from the prestigious University of Al-Madina Al-Munawara. Sheikh Imam Syed Fida Bukhari delivers his lectures in Arabic, English, and Urdu in order to benefit the multilingual community. Translations to French and other languages are available if so needed.

Muslim Rights in Québec

The Islamic Centre of Quebec is willing to take necessary action to protect Muslim rights in Quebec. If you have a problem please send your email with the details and how we can contact you.

Correctional Services

Islam lays great importance on the actions and behaviour of an individual and makes every person responsible not only to the law of the land but more so to the law of the Creator Allah (SWT), who is the ultimate Judge, today and in the hereafter. Every Muslim is responsible for his actions toward society and will be questioned on the Day of Judgement. Islam emphasizes righteousness in actions and in thought.

Whenever a member of the community commits a criminal act and is sent to prison, a representative from the ICQ visits the prisons to help guide the inmates in the virtues of good deeds, forbearance and responsibility of his actions in the light of Islam.

Quran and Hadith